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L'IMAGE Comics Exhibit - September 20th, 2023

To celebrate the success of this phase of the L'IMAGE Project, we are doing a L'IMAGE Comics Exhibit at UTM on Wednesday, September 20th from noon to 5pm!! 🎉🎉🎉 It will take place in the 1st floor Grand Hall of MN: that's the big open area in front of the bleachers near the main entrance! This is a free, public event. You can't miss it!

Come see physical L'IMAGE comics in person, and come chat with me about these amazing student stories! I'd love to hear what kinds of stories you have, too! 🌎

This exhibit is a part of the 2023-2024 Jackman Humanities Institute Annual Seminar titled "Multilingualism: Reflecting on a Global Reality through Time, Space, Mind and Text", organized by my colleagues and I in the Department of Language Studies at UTM. The seminar is generously funded by the UTM Jackman Humanities Institute.

[Image Alt-Text:

A square image with a background consisting of slightly low opacity comics pages. Each comic page is square, and they are lined up like tiles in the background. They are pages from various L'IMAGE comics. There is a navy border around the image, and a red banner at the top contained within the borders. The white text over the banner reads: The UTM Jackman Humanities Institute Seminar presents:. Under the banner and near the center of the page, there is an exclamation speech bubble containing the exhibit information: L'IMAGE Comics Exhibit. Wednesday, September 20th. 12:00 noon to 5:00 pm. University of Toronto Mississauga. Maanjiwe nendamowinan (MN) Grand Hall. L'IMAGE Aji (a cartoon fish) is seen in the bottom right corner, smiling. The bottom left of the page has the University of Toronto Mississauga logo with the text "Language Studies" over it.]

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