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Use of L'IMAGE comics and citing the project

I am the creator of all comics and infographics on this website, meaning I own the copyrights to them. Please do not unlawfully use my comics and my other art. You're welcome to use my works in non-commercial, fair-use settings such as in high school and university classrooms, university student leader trainings, not-for-profit workshops, and not-for-profit exhibits. If you do use them in non-commercial, fair-use settings, please give proper credit. Although for fair uses of the comics you don't need my permission, I do love hearing how people are using my comics! If you'd like, please leave a comment on this page to let me know how you've used the materials from this project.

Citing the project generally:

Taniguchi, Ai (ed.). 2023. Language, Identity, Multiculturalism and Global Empowerment. Available online at Accessed on [date].

To cite individual comics and infographics, please see the page for each comic/infographic.

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